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How long does it take to process the photos?

Our goal is to have residential real estate photos back in 24-48 business hours.

What about bad weather?

In adverse weather (rain, snow, etc.) aerial images and video cannot not be taken. External photos are limited to the conditions. You can either reschedule the entire photo shoot or we will apply a discount (10%) to the invoice for no aerial / limited exterior images. We will proceed to the scheduled photo shoot unless you contact us otherwise. You can call/text us at (816) 591-7377.

Re-shoots / Updates

If you are needing a property retaken for updates or seasonal changes within one year of the original photo shoot, we will discount that next shoot 20%.

Do you work with For Sale By Owners (FSBO)?

We do not service FSBO listings unless referred by a realtor.

What should I do to get my listing ready for a photo shoot? (FREE DOWNLOAD)

We have put together this reference sheet you can give to your clients so they know how to prep their home for a photo shoot. CLICK HERE

Do I need to be there for the photo shoot?

You and/or the sellers are welcome to be present for the photo shoot. We have eKey access so you will not need to be there to let us in. Or you can text lock box or garage door codes to us at (816) 591-7377.

How does the Zillow program work?

We have the ability to upload branded videos to Zillow. This will display your contact information in the very beginning and/or end of the video regardless if you are a Zillow premier agent. We will also give you a copy of the video for use on social media or other platforms PLUS a MLS compliant version of the video.

Where do you store the photos?

We house our photos in a Google Drive folder. We will email you a link for downloading. Photos are stored for one year and then may be deleted from Jet Streak files.

How am I invoiced?

We invoice within a week of the shoot being performed. If you have a question on your invoice or account, please contact Maegan: meg@jetstreakphotography.com

Do you resell or reuse photos?

The original agent/purchaser of the photo shoot has six (6) months of licensing with the photos produced or for the duration of the individual property real estate listing. Jet Streak Photography will not resell the photos without notifying the original agent/purchaser of the photos within that licensing period. If a listing is changed to another agent, that new agent/organization will be responsible for a new photo shoot unless the original agent/purchaser agrees to sell the original photos to the new listing agent within the original licensing and/or listing period. Jet Streak Photography may use photos for our own social media and/or marketing. We will do our best to tag or link you in those photos for added exposure. Jet Streak Photography retains all copyrights for all photos produced.

Do you do portrait or other types of photography?

Our main focus is residential real estate. We can perform other services depending on the nature of the shoot. We can also recommend other photographers should you need other services.

Other questions?