Downloading Images


Thank you for using Jet Streak Photography!

The following instructions are based on using Google Chrome browser and a PC. Your actual process may differ depending on your internet browser and computer.


Your images will be stored in a Google Drive folder. We will email you a link to access the photos.

How to download:

NOTE: You may have a download all option in the top right corner of the window. If so, you can skip the three bullet points.

  • Click on an image to highlight

  • Press CTRL+A to select all (all the images will be highlighted)

  • Right-click on an image and choose download

This will create a ZIP folder to compress the images for easier download. After this is completed (depending on the number of images this may take several minutes) the ZIP folder will appear in your download folder or another folder of your choosing (depending on your computer set-up). Once this is complete choose the EXTRACT option in top menu, then extract all, and choose a folder to save the pictures in.

Tip for Slower Internet Connections:

If you have a slower internet connection, try this:

Click on an image to highlight and then hold down the SHIFT key. Then click on another image about 5-10 from the original image you clicked (example, click on image number 1, then hold shift and click on image number 10). Then right-click on a highlighted image and choose download. This will only download the images that were highlighted. Once they are downloaded, repeat this process for the remainder of the images.


Floor plans will take 24-48 hours to process and will be added to your Google drive folder with the other images. We will send you an email when the floor plan is added for you to download.


Video Walk-through:

Videos are stored on Vimeo as not to have the auto-play that YouTube has at the end of their videos.

You can view the Jet Streak Photography Vimeo channel here:

You will be emailed a link to the video. There is a download option on the page so you can download and post elsewhere.

Video Slideshows:

Video slideshows are uploaded along with you regular images, usually in a sub-folder marked video. Simply right-click the video and choose download. This will download to your download folder by default or another folder of your choosing (depending on your computer set-up).


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